PAT ExchangeGate

PAT ExchangeGate is a fully featured, automated .NET solution to facilitate the transfer of business data between company locations or with external partners and customers. It acts as a gateway between the outside world and our horticultural software PAT. ( Examples for possible use cases are the automatic creation of orders received via XML, providing periodic availability information and supplying the back-end of a web shop with incremental data updates.

The core of the program centers around customers/partners and the various jobs you assign to their business needs. These jobs heavily rely on interacting with the database providing the data for the ERP software attached to PAT ExchangeGate. All jobs can be scheduled to meet the demands of the user and are able to be taken out of rotation as needed.

The electronic import and export of orders to customers all around the world is arguably the single most important feature of PAT ExchangeGate. Orders can arrive in a variety of formats and industry standards like XML, EDI96, CSV and the program uses custom-made mappings to generate orders in the supplied database. Customer orders can be fetched from the local file system or a variety of distributed sources like an FTP server. Outgoing operations can be scheduled and maintained in the same fashion and usually write or map data from the database to a specified destination.

In addition to the core functionality, the client provides extensive logging capabilities, inter-program communication and the ability to run user-modules that do not make use of the database or some kind of mapping operation. Modules are supplied to the client from a local directory and can be switched out or updated regularly.

Core features

  • Fully automated data interchange between database and various destinations
  • Flexible job scheduling and management
  • Detailed logging system
  • Integrated sub-systems for support and error reporting
  • Optimized for performance and providing large-scale data operations